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These 5 videos will make you a Google Apps for Education All-star

f you’ve been following our Google Apps Training series, you’ll know that Google’s brought out a lot of awesome teacher resources this year—if you haven’t check out our overview of the new Google EDU Training Center, be sure to check that out next! If you’re looking for ways other educators are using Google Apps right now, here are 5 of our favorite videos to help get Google Apps into your curriculum!

Hangouts and Hangouts On Air in the Classroom

In this guide, teachers Jennie Mageira and Chad Kafka run through their favorite features in Google Hangouts, and offer classroom uses for tools like screensharing, Google effects, and opening files within a hangout. They also walk through the Hangouts on Air app, and how to use the Q & A tool with your students.

Google Calendar: Features, Tips ‘n Tricks, & Classroom Uses

In this video, 3 educators from Grapevine Colleyville School District detail the ways that you can be using Calendar inside and outside the classroom, creating and accepting events, sharing events and calendars, and aligning settings for the best use between students and faculty.

Improving the writing process with Google Docs

Ohio tech integrator Eric Curts leads this in-depth look at everything students can do with Google Docs, like live collaboration, commenting and editing, and other features that his students enjoy using for classwork. He highlights some awesome tasks that you can directly apply to your curriculum, and calls out an awesome Chrome extension called Draftback, that helps teachers and students watch the entire process of creating their documents like a video.

Creative Ways of using Google Presentations in the Classroom

This walkthrough, part of a great series called 10 hours of GAFE Goodness, quickly runs through the basics of Google Slides, and then goes into effective features and applications you can bring to your classroom right away, like digital “thank you” cards, comic strips, and building your own Jeopardy board.

Using Google Forms for Classroom Assessment

This panel of Alberta teachers go through the steps that they never miss when creating and evaluating assessments made through Google Forms. They highlight functions that you should be taking advantage of for effective test creation, as well as how to work with response data for both formative and summative assessments.

These are just a few of our favorite tutorials from educators out there, but next, you should check out Google’s new Training Center for teachers, and start testing your own skills with Google Apps! If you’re interested in a more guided approach, you should consider partnering with a certified pro for your training!

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