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Speed up your Chromebook enrollment and deployment with our 1-page guide

Like Christmas morning, your school’s Chromebooks have arrived, tucked away in their boxes—there’s still a step or two before they’re ready for use, though! The enrollment process is remarkably simple (you can educate yourself on Google’s support page), but here are 3 steps to make the process quick and painless. Jumping in feet-first? skip to the bottom of the page for our Enrollment Cheat Sheet

Network Ease

The update and enrollment process will hog a lot of bandwidth on your network, but there are a few ways to lighten the burden:

  • Update incrementally and during off-hours
    If you’re updating 100+ devices at once, or if you’re shorthanded to take on the task, find a space to set up 10 Chromebooks at once, and work your way through, rather than overwhelming the network by updating the entire batch at once.
  • Create a temporary open network
    By creating an open network for the enrollment process, you and your enrollment helpers won’t need to re-enter a password every time you open a new device. Just join the network, wait for the connection, and enroll! Don’t forget to shut down this network when you’re finished.

Create an enrollment account

You can speed up the process even more by creating a dummy account on your domain, specifically for enrolling devices, like Set it to work with a very easy password, like 12345678. Little details like this allow you to jump from one Chromebook to the next quickly, and it’s easier to share the login info with anyone assisting in the enrollment.

Set your policies in advance

One step to stay ahead of the configuration process is to set your Admin Panel device policies in advance, so that those policies are instantly pulled to the devices as you enroll them. It’s also possible to set a policy which states “during enrollment, place this device into the same OU as the user who is enrolling.”

If you’re managing device policies separately based on grade level, faculty, or other criteria, this allows you to enroll the teacher’s devices, for instance, into the “teacher” OU right away, so they immediately gain the features and permissions you’ve assigned to teachers.
Another way to bypass the enrollment process entirely is by working with a reseller that offers Whiteglove service! This way, your devices come pre-configured and enrolled, and ready to deploy the second you unload them at your school. If you’re on your own though, following these three steps and appointing some helpers should get your fleet of devices prepped in no-time!

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