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Discover how to engage students at MACUL 2015

If there’s one thing we’ve learned so far in 2015, it’s that this year is all about engagement, and at MACUL 2015 we’ll be exploring just that in our Connected Classroom!

Find the best device for your school

The past couple years have been huge for Chromebooks and tablets in schools. At MACUL, we’ll have a Bretford charging cart stocked with our favorites, so you can get a hands-on look at the best Google has to offer—whether you’re looking for the best screen, the most durable, or the all-purpose device that could help engage any style of learner.

Decrease prep time and increase engagement with the Teacher Dashboard

Google Drive and Google Classroom are already streamlining the way that teachers are assigning and grading class material, but what if you were able to take it a step further? With the Teacher Dashboard, educators can organize their Drive by class and student, and view student progress in real-time! Angie, from Hapara, will be joining us in Detroit to show off the software, and detail how it’s been helping teachers save up to 2 hours of work every day.

Transform the classroom into an engagement zone

Making the classroom an inviting and engaging place is about more than screens and swipes, though. Bretford has been developing furniture to help illuminate class and work spaces in a different way, helping to foster interaction and creativity among your students. Experience what groups can be like and maybe get some ideas on flipping the classroom.

And don’t forget to enter for our tablet giveaway – that’s right we’re giving away a Google Play for EDU tablet, but you have to enter at our booth!


  • Multiple models of 2014’s best Chromebooks
  • All four Google Play for Education tablets
  • Bretford charging cart
  • Bretford Explore Teaming Table
  • Bretford tech-embedded tables and chairs
  • Live Hapara Teacher Dashboard demo
  • Google Play for Education tablet giveaway

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