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7 teacher-approved Chrome extensions

One perk of working with the Chrome Management Console is the ability to push out and force-install apps and extensions on Chromebooks in your domain! We were curious as to which ones are being used the most in schools today, so we spoke with over 30 educators from around the country, to see what they’re installing on their Chromebook fleets!

Google Classroom
Classroom is a document management extension that enhances Google Drive, to help teachers organize, create, and distribute assignments quickly. It also helps organize each student’s Google Drive, and simplifies communication between the teacher and other students. Teachers can quickly monitor the completion of assignments, make announcements and comments through the app, and quickly provide feedback to individual students.

Ublock Origin
Ublock origin is the adblock extension of choice among the educators who responded to the survey, and they tote themselves as “an efficient blocker: easy on memory and CPU footprint, and yet can load and enforce thousands more filters than other popular blockers out there.” It’s essential for preventing popups and most ads on pages like Youtube. Thanks, @briandittfeld!

LastPass is a secure username & password manager that can cut down on login worries for forgetful users. On a basic level, it allows students to bunch all of their passwords for different websites under a single master password, but advanced settings allow allow administrators to push and share passwords out to different groups and users.

Google URL shortener url shortener is an extension which allows you click an extension button (or right click a webpage) to shorten the current website URL through the Google URL Shortener service You can then create a QR code for the URL, to easily send it out to students. You can also track how many clicks the link has gotten, and quickly share it with different services like Blogger, Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. It also captures data and tracks clicks.

SpeakIt! is a free, intuitive text-to-speech extension which supports over 50 languages, .and is simple enough for students to use. Handy for any situation where a student needs text read to them aloud, without a teacher present. All you do is select the text you’d like to hear, right click, and select “SpeakIt!” from the drop down menu.

Google Dictionary
Google Dictionary is a simple extension that allows the user to double-click any word to view its definition in a small pop-up bubble, which also has advanced options within the toolbar dictionary, an automatic translator for foreign words, and it stores a history of words that have been looked up previously.

Save to Google Drive
The Save to Google Drive Chrome extension helps students easily save web content or browser screenshots to your Google Drive, either by clicking the extension button in the toolbar, or right clicking the link or media you choose to save! This is also a quick and easy way to convert Microsoft Office files to Google Docs format.

Honorable mention:
MAP Chromebook testing app
In some states, the MAP Chromebook testing app is LITERALLY a must-have for Chromebooks, but it’s also a quick and simple way to meet the correct standards for administering Measures of Academic Progress assessments. All you need to do is have your proctor ready, enter kiosk mode, and enable the extension! Thanks @rogerwilley!

If you’re breaking in the admin console for the first time, or you’re interested in more essentials for managing student devices, you should read on in our post Make back-to-school a breeze with these 5 Google Admin Console tips.

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