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2017 Flip/Stylus Based Chromebooks

Acer Spin 11  Asus C213 Dell 3189
Acer Spin 11 Asus Flip C213 Dell 3189


2017 is turning out to be the year of the stylus/flip based Chromebook.   The majority of these new models are fully education focused and headed straight to classrooms. All models detailed below will be ready by March 1st and some are shipping already.

Acer Chromebook Spin 11, this is a new convertible version based on the ruggedized Chromebook 11 N7 which is launching in early February.  This will be an 11.6 in touchscreen with new support for inexpensive Wacom styluses and what Google is calling a "World View Camera" which is designed to be used when the Chromebook is in tablet mode.  Google has also reported that students will be able to turn it into a microscope.

Asus is adding another ruggedized Chromebook with a 360 degree hinge in the Flip C213.  This model also promises modular construction so staff should have an easier time replacing pieces if necessary.

Dell isn't left out of this year's Flip/Stylus movement either and they will have an 11" convertible version launching February 7th with initial pricing set for $349.

These three education models join the Samsung Plus/Pro and the Asus C302 which are all 13" devices that flip and support a stylus.  

This marks five unique models this year that support Flip/Stylus and we have yet to see new offerings from Lenovo or HP yet.  Google seems to be making a very clear pitch in the classroom this year and the movement is Stylus based Chromebooks that can act like tablets.

Please let us know if we can work up quotes for you on any of these new options becoming available this spring.




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